There are animals, plants, birds, etc on our planet which we can see. It may be that life exists elsewhere in other planets, in some remote nebulae, we do not continue reading
Introduction and explanation of everyday sciences To understand everyday sciences first, we will explain what  actually the science is. What we call science (Latin: scientia, sciere: know) has been roughly described continue reading
Keeping in mind the difficulty of the subject we have summarized the most important questions of physics which can be asked to be answered in exams. These questions of physics fall continue reading
Calendar is the mode of adjusting the natural divisions of time with respect to each others for the purpose of civil life. An almanac is table of months, days and continue reading
Comets Comets and meteors are slightly different. Comet or satellite cometae, i.e. “hairy stars”, as they were formerly called, are bodies which moving under the influence of the sun’s gravitation, appear continue reading
A planet is one of the bodies in the solar system which revolve in elliptic orbits round the sun. The planets do not have light of their own but shine continue reading
The moon is one of the most important of the heavenly bodies. Her tide-raising force is of great importance to mankind. Her silvery light is always welcoming at night. Origin of continue reading
The sun is radiating energy and heat into space and thus loosing its mass day by day. Possibly the energy supply (on which our earth is reliant) from the sun continue reading
Origin of the earth Our earth was one of the bodies which separated away from the vapory filament (a slender thread-like body) drawn out from the sun by the gravitational pull continue reading
A solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes directly between the earth and the sun and the moon’s shadow touches the earth. Solar eclipse occurs only in a new moon. It continue reading
The sun is the star- nearest to earth- and one of average size and characteristics. Its supreme importance to us is due to its comparative nearness, for the light from continue reading
In Stellar constitution and evolution direct observation deal only with an outer portion of a star, and this is a very small fraction of the whole. With the help of continue reading

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