Inspired-in came into being with a vision in mind to provide people proper knowledge and skills to live life happily and peacefully. A satisfactory life is easy to achieve when one learned to explore it and manage it in a strategic way.

When we see people who are very relaxed and happy in their lives we say that this person is lucky or blessed with a good life by God. By saying so we put all the credit and excuses on the luck and God and we save ourselves from looking deep in to our lives to explore the issues which prevent us from having a blessed life like those people. So, we don’t do anything to improve our different aspects of life such as psychological, physical and social. Our purpose on  inspired-in is to make people able to look deep in to their life styles and to make them ready for change by removing defense mechanisms which prevent them from taking action.

Why people get depression or anxiety? One of the mostly asked questions. Depression Causes when a person is stressed with a feeling of loss of something or someone. And anxiety results when a person feels continuously threatened for a long time. Making people competent to overcome depression and anxiety is another part of our  mission.

Having a good IQ is the need for success in the modern world. But IQ alone doesn’t take you through the obstacles you face in this highly competitive world. In order to gain competence in modern civilization one should also have a good grasp on his and others emotions. Emotional intelligence is to understand your own emotions first and control them and also to predict other people’ emotions and direct them to make them produce your favorable results. We are dedicated to give people understandable and useful information on Emotional intelligence to equip them properly with this important life skill.

To be successful in career as well as personal life one should be a good thinker. Thinking is the major of all the abilities man is blessed with. But lacking the right way of thinking will lead to disaster. For example negative thinking pushes to depression and other types of mental illnesses. That’s why we work on logical thinking and lateral thinking as our mission and share knowledge with our readers.