The Milky Way is the name given to the luminous belt of stars which encircles the heaven, nearly in great circle. The great circle of the galaxy crosses the celestial continue reading
In this article we will introduce you that what are stars and what are the types of stars. We look at the heaven and see twinkling, glittering little points of light, continue reading
“Sol” is the Latin word for sun. Conception of the solar system is easy to understand. The phrase solar system means the sun and the group of heavenly bodies held continue reading
Astronomy is the science that deals with the origin, evaluation, composition, distance and motion of all bodies and scattered matter in the mysterious universe. All along there has been a mystery continue reading
Written oral and practical types of examination There are many types of examination. The form of an examination depends on the purpose, for which it is intended, the nature of the continue reading
“General knowledge” has been prescribed as a compulsory paper in almost all competitive exams which are held for recruitment to various branches of government services. The C.S.P and other Central continue reading
Scope of general knowledge The scope of general knowledge is so wide because of a mysterious nature lies around us with all its phenomenon wide open. There are the earth, the continue reading
The fear of being exposed or the fear of exposure is a common psychological issue found among people in every society. It is a type of fear in which a continue reading
Living a life of emotions and not understanding emotional IQ is like trying to go towards the destination without knowing the path. Developing the skill to identify and effectively use continue reading

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