How to be creative

How to be creative – 5 Practical tips to inspire you

Our talent and ability to be productive is related to how much we are creative. I can help you practically make the first move towards creativity. For this, I am going to share some...
6 ways to be successful in life

6 Ways to be successful in life – Get started today

Success is never by chance and failure couldn’t be put on the destiny, because there are ways to be successful in life. These 6 tips are proven by deeply studying the lives of many...
ode to my love

Ode to my love

You are a hope, a direction The only flower gleaming on earth Like a moon in the sky A bloomed flower guiding the petals to bloom Stand with a smile on the face Despite all the tiredness by life Sometimes...
you feel happy when you find the universe in you

The universe in me

I blindly trusted the people like the moth on the fire I dreamed of being an angel But people called me liar I tried to touch the moon When it was too higher I loved the people But they shredded...
Man standing in the middle of ocean. An example of fear of being exposed

The fear of being exposed or exposure

The fear of being exposed or the fear of exposure is a common psychological issue found among people in every society. It is a type of fear in which a person thinks that if...