Almost everywhere the surface of the land is covered with plants, if they have not been removed by man; and even where this has been done man has usually introduced …
There are animals, plants, birds, etc on our planet which we can see. It may be that life exists elsewhere in other planets, in some remote nebulae, we do not …
Introduction and explanation of everyday sciences To understand everyday sciences first, we will explain what  actually the science is. What we call science (Latin: scientia, sciere: know) has been roughly …
Keeping in mind the difficulty of the subject we have summarized the most important questions of physics which can be asked to be answered in exams. These questions of physics …
Calendar is the mode of adjusting the natural divisions of time with respect to each others for the purpose of civil life. An almanac is table of months, days and …
Comets Comets and meteors are slightly different. Comet or satellite cometae, i.e. “hairy stars”, as they were formerly called, are bodies which moving under the influence of the sun’s gravitation, …

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