About us

For what we are inspired, and how will you also be?

Inspired-in will help you to be inspired for knowledge for the reason that it is the only approach to be a well-informed person. But before we start teaching you, will it be fine to know our story?

Freelancer, content writer, blogger and entrepreneur, I started my career in online field a year back when I was stressed with my studies. At that time I did not know even the meaning of freelancing.

So, how I built my career in this field and founded Inspired-in?

Seems, the credit goes to luck. But it is not if truth be told. I will teach you the strategies that I was familiar with to grow to be a successful blogger in a short period.

Unexpectedly, I connected with some freelancers on social media and started studying about freelance industry. I was surprised to know that there were people who don’t even step out of their home and earn so much money.

I got inspired from the people who had knowledge. This inspiration pushed me to study as much as I could. Further, it became my mission to help out people to get inspired for a positive change.

What is a positive change?

Knowledge is a positive change in human behavior. There is a myth that information is supposed to be knowledge. There is a thin line difference between information and knowledge. Information just makes you familiar with things and knowledge makes you able to do things right.

Why should you have to be inspired for a positive change?

Knowledge regardless of related to any of the field, you have to gain. We share valuable information related to almost every field, which will help you to prepare for competitive examinations and tests as well as school and college exams.

Besides that, we are on job to deliver our tips based articles on different issues such as managing the life effectively, motivating yourself for achievements, understanding and handling emotions, thinking effectively using logical and lateral thinking skills.

Inam ullah, Founder and owner of Inspired-in