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Who we are?

Inspired-in is a mission to make people learn about life and live it in a meaningful way. The idea was first initiated in May 2019 by Inam Ullah, when he felt that there should be proper guidance for people who lose hope, get depression or anxiety or any other life problem or just want to improve themselves or achieve something.

Who are the authors?

Inam Ullah (Founder owner and author)

Inam Ullah is the founder and owner of Inspired-in. He is a renowned creative writer, SEO expert and digital marketing strategist.

He also writes news paper columns to Dawn News, Express Tribune, and SAMAA News Urdu Point and also to local channels including Chitral Times, Chitral Today, Chitral Post, Awaz e Chitral and Zeal News etc.

He has made a meaningful contribution to help people live a happy and productive life. His contributions include rising awareness among people about living a productive life through workshops and seminars in collaboration with NGO’s like AKRSP, USAID, and Alkhidmat Foundation etc.

He played his part by running awareness campaigns in Chitral with local NGOs to consider the alarming increase in suicide rate among Chitralians.

He professionally helps businesses to grow their customers through inbound marketing techniques. He also writes SEO articles for online businesses to grow their organic traffic. He sells his professional skills on Fiverr.

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Princesa Jasmin (Author and strategic partner)

Princesa is the strategic partner of Inspired-in. She is the first Chitrali who contributed in English poetry. Her education background is literature which gives her an edge of being a renowned poetess. She is also a writer, her favorite topics move around life including happiness, relationships, success and so on.

Her famous poems which raised her as a celebrity are “the universe in me” and “ode to love”. All of her famous poems will be officially published on Inspired-in.

She also played her role in seminars, workshops and campaigns to promote education. She help women to attain a happy and a civilized life, achieve success by dealing with problems they usually face.

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire people learn about life so that they can make it meaningful

Life is a complicated topic under discussion. We all dream to live a happy life but we don’t often do that. Why? Because life is inconsistence, it goes up and down creating opportunities and difficulties.

What we do on Inspired-in is, we inspire people to learn more and more about life, and who knows more about it he lives it happily. That is not just a claim we make, it is a fact that we will prove later on this page. Without knowing the depth of the water you cannot jump to swim.

We sent our newsletters to our subscribers which are professionally designed to bring positive change in their behavior when they read it. That’s the reason we recommend to subscribe us with your email. We only sent one email in a week and that would be enough to inspire you for the whole week.

Who should read and subscribe us?

In the journey of life everyone strikes with some difficulties and problems. Some people cannot plan their life effectively and waste their time and resources, some feel down when dealing with difficulties, many go into depression when they lose things they love, some don’t know how to lead their life the way they want, some fail to achieve their goals, some cannot enjoy and some just can’t live their life happily without any reason and the list go on.

If you have faced at least one of these problems you should subscribe us because we point out the most common life problems and give solutions, tips and more to deal them. How we do that? How we share tips and solutions and or they useful? I will tell you later on this page, so keep reading.

Why to read or subscribe us?

Our role in people’s life is that we help them transform depression into courage, hopelessness into happiness by practical life improvements unlike motivational speakers who just tell imaginary stories.

We are not motivational speakers, and we do not believe in motivation. We think that motivation is like an asteroid drug, it gives immediate energy but it will not work in the long run. Its effect will be vanished in some hours. How we help you and how Inspired-in works, explained below.

How Inspired-in works?

According to our research we found that four things can change our life. Four values which are the main pillars of Inspired-in. All of our writings are based on these four values. We believe that we can improve millions of life using these four values as a tool and we are doing that. Let’s look at values by Inspired-in.

  • Inspiration (Get inspired for a positive change)

Inspiration is the key to start the change. When we see inspiration we start chasing it unconsciously, and here the journey begins.

  • Hope (Hope for the better life)

Hope raise where inspiration exists. With hope we can change everything, even the destiny. It works leaving behind the laws of nature. Hope is a magic, it’s a miracle.

  • Courage  (The courage to bring the change)

Courage is the game changer tool given to man. With courage we can conquer the world. Once we knew that we can then we actually can.

  • Practicality (Practicality in actions can impact the world)

How much knowledge we gain, how much wisdom we acquire and how many skills we learned, if we do not put them in to action, they are all waste. Being practical is actually killing the enemy in the battlefield.


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We keep a vision to make every individual learn something about life. We have improved thousands of people’s life just after one year since we launched. According to our expert analysis with feedbacks and visiting statistics, in the next 5 years we will change millions of life through our writings, seminars and campaigns.

We are Inspired-in. We will help you make your life meaningful. Enter your email address below and subscribe us for our well researched life tips and hacks.

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