3 Professional ways to hire a web author

3 professional ways to hire a web author

Blogging is not as easy as it seems. Nowadays most bloggers have more than one blog; likewise new content ideas are coming day by day. No single author can cover all the trending topics to catch the organic traffic from Google. Here the need to hire web author arise.

But how do you hire a professional web author? Most of the bloggers look at freelance marketplace where writers showcase their experience and skills with gigs and testimonials. Yet, the problem with the freelance market is that, here are thousands of profiles with high rating and hundreds of positive reviews. When you place an order, they end up making you disappointed because most of them are unprofessional writers who have just constructed their profiles with fake technicalities to earn money.

In this post, I am going to mull over the problem bloggers face, furthermore I am going to mention the three easiest ways, which will help you hiring a pro level web author to fulfill your writing requirements.

3 Easiest ways to hire a professional web content writer

  1. Hiring writers from freelance marketplace
    Freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Guru, and Upwork etc are thought to be the best places to hire web content authors. You can sign up and talk to thousands of web authors about your project. However, you should have to consider some downsides ahead of placing an order.
    • Most of the reviews are fake
    In such platforms it is easy for everyone to make a profile and get reviews no matter the author is professional or not. Most of the entry level writers sign up here and invest some money to get fake reviews and rating from their friends and family members.
    It is usually seen on social media to sell Fiverr reviews and high rated profiles in cheap prices. Such people are there just to make money by providing low quality and plagiarized content. So be careful before placing an order.
    • Prices are too high
    On Fiverr and other similar platforms, the prices are very high. The reason is these websites cut their own fees to connect freelancers with employers. Accordingly, you should also think about the other ways if you want to save some dollars.
    • You are limited to revise once content is submitted to you
    In these websites, you are limited to ask for revision once your project is put forward to you. You cannot cancel the order once it is completed no matter it is low quality or plagiarized. If you did not care your money and time, become waste.
  2. Hiring from social media
    Another trending way for employers to hire web authors is social media. Besides, twitter and LinkedIn, Facebook groups are most popular nowadays. Thousands of groups and thousands of freelance web authors offering their services in these groups. Nevertheless, it has more drawbacks than any other freelancing platform.
    These groups are full of scammers and there is no way to avoid it. One person can have many fake accounts member of a same group. Most of the web authors request for advance payment of their work. In addition, when you ask the members to give the author reviews, many people put their comments saying he is a trusted one. After placing an order with some money in advance, the employee blocks you and disappears.
  3. Hiring directly from the author’s website
    Here is another way not much popular but the best way. Every web author has his own website if he is professional. You can visit his website to check his work straightforwardly. In this way you can directly examine what the author wrote, work he did, not third party reviews or rating. This is the best way to judge his skills.
    You can easily place an order, after completion you can ask him for necessary revision and after satisfaction, you can pay him. What is more, he will always be available to talk to when you come to his website.

Hiring a skilled web author to write your blog posts is a tricky task. You can hire on freelancing platforms or from social media groups. Besides, we recommend hiring directly from the web authors website because it can save your time and money. In addition, you can figure out the real and original work done by author.

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