5 Steps strategy to write without sticking

Are you stuck on your writing when you don’t know much about the topic? Writers often struggle with lack of ideas when they have been given a topic that they don’t know much about.

It is common with every writer especially freelance writers because in this field you get new topics from every new client. Perhaps no one is an encyclopedia in himself, who can hold a big database of knowledge.

However, there is not so much to worry about since you can search internet and read thousands of articles on every topic. But the trouble is you can be stuck producing a unique and informative piece of work what Google name as ‘great content’.

So let me get straight to the point and I am telling you what to do when stuck on your writing. The 5 steps I use to write for my blog and also articles for my clients around the globe.

The five steps, that will help you keep writing when you stuck

1. Gain knowledge

Knowledge is the base of writing. The main purpose of writing is to share information about something so people know what didn’t be acquainted with before reading your content.

Thus, to write effectively first do a quick research on the topic you stuck. Do not just rely on Google also use other search engines because every search engine shows different results for the same query. Note down relevant information from authority sources.

In addition, search on YouTube watch videos and lectures from experts on the sticking topic.

You can also use encyclopedias, books and research papers for further detailed information.

2. Brainstorm with a mindmap

Once you gone through the previous step you can have much data about your given subject and here is what to do next.

Brainstorm your topic using the mindmap technique. Mindmaps are the most effective ways to organize your knowledge and ideas. Start from the center of a blank page. Write your main idea and expand to right, left, up and down with branches writing related ideas to your main content.

This will open up your mind and you will be amazed to know how your mind organizes knowledge when you use mindmap.

3. Highlight the most important points

Third step take account of highlighting the most important information on mindmap. Now you are going to differentiate what is important and what is not.

Review all the key points you have put in your mindmap and derive the most important and relevant information in to your writing draft.

If you think, any idea is unclear that you wrote in your draft, go back and do a mindmap once more so you never stuck again.

4. Make a proper outline

If you haven’t a proper outline you will always stuck when writing. That is why properly outlining your article is important.

Now you have information, facts and reference sources of your data and you have organized them and noted down in your draft, it is time to make a quick outline.
Here is how you can outline your article.
• The title
• Allocate 3 to 4 short paragraphs for the introduction.
• Then come to the main content. The length depends on the nature of the central idea.
• At last, 2 to 3 paragraphs conclusion.

5. Start writing wisely

You have done all the steps of writing strategy and haven’t stuck on anything, now you can start writing your content wisely.

Start from your title. Choose a title that directly discuss about the reader’s pain points. The title should promise the reader that you are talking about a solution for his problem.

The first paragraph in your introduction should engage the reader attention. In opening sentence of the first paragraph, give some wondering information.
In the remaining paragraphs, talk about your main idea that how it is useful or interesting and why it should be read.

Now write down your main content, your important information, and your highlighted points from the mindmap to your draft. Focus on the topic and avoid stuffing irrelevant information.

The conclusion highlights what you said above. It is the conversion part of your article, ask the readers to take some decision, make a purchase or register to your blog.

This was the complete strategy broken down in 5 steps for your ease. This is the most effective strategy to keep writing when you are stuck. I am using this strategy from years.

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