6 Cost-effective tips for bloggers to recruit writers

Bloggers recruit writers when they become incapable to cover trending topics and keywords in their niche. It is necessary for a skilled blogger to know the essentials of recruiting a writer in a cost effective way. For that, I have gone over the main points to hire a blog writer.

Not all the writers who advertise themselves online can give you quality content that suite your blog niche. For bloggers, recruiting a writer is a business investment and it needs a proper strategy.

To make your job effortless here are 6 tips to recruit a writer for your blog.

1. Search for writers

Good writers are not everywhere. Top-level bloggers search for them in the right way.

Some of the popular ways to search and recruit writers are freelancing sites and social media. Moreover, you can also contact the bloggers in your niche whose content is great but do not get much traffic from Google. May be they will agree to write for you.

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2. Post an engaging Ad

After deciding to recruited writers from a freelance website your next step is to post an ad mentioning your requirements.

Clearly describe your blog niche your content quality requirements, your budget and delivery time. This will help filter skilled writers from just moneymakers.

If you have decided to recruit writer from other blogs in your industry or found writers from some other means you have to send him a proper invitation letter through email with all the details of your project.

3. Communicate properly

Appropriate and quick communication is the key to business success. You can evaluate a writer effectively if you communicate your requirements efficiently.

Further, you will get to know the skills of the writer if he understands the topic you are giving to write about or he will return a low quality work wasting your money and time.

Choose a quick communication medium like email, facebook chat, or wattsapp and discuss your job in details by way of evaluating the writer.

4. Shortlist top writers

Take some time to talk to different writers and shortlist a few of them as options. The reason is if you didn’t get the desired results from one writer, you will always have a chance to recruit another.

In this way, your content quality and delivery time will never be compromised.

5. Balance between budget, quality, and time

Before placing an order, it is necessary to have a look in to your position. Do you have budget for recruiting a writer, is your offered budget enough to bring a quality piece of writing?

All you need is to balance between budget, quality, and time. If you have enough funds, do not compromise the quality, if you need the content in urgent you will have to pay more otherwise the writer will destroy your work value.

6. Place an order

After assuring everything, the final step is to place an order. Keep in touch with the writer you recruited until the delivery of your work. Ask to check the quality of content he has written and making sure it is plagiarism free before sending his payment.

When the job is done, pay your recruited writer on time and make a relation for future business deals.

Recruiting writers to produce content for your blog is a profitable investment when done properly. The real thing to remember while hiring a writer is to balance between budget, quality, and time. The more you learn to balance the more profitable deals you can make.

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