Terms and conditions

You must make sure to accept the following terms and conditions before placing an order and giving your site to us for Google ad-sense optimization. If your site doesn’t meet the following conditions it can take up to a month to get approved.


  • Price will be charged 2000 PKR for each website.
  • Approval will be in maximum 4 weeks if these conditions are properly met. Otherwise, it can take up to 1 1/2 months or in some cases more.
  • Your site must be at least 2 weeks old.
  • You have installed wordpress on your site. Also make sure you have made basic customization of your site e.g. uploaded logo and favicon, placed menus and pages, etc.
  • Your site must have an about us page.
  • Your site has at least 8 posts and some of them should be minimum 800 words long. Make sure you have uploaded images in your posts.


  • If you want us to work on your site on priority you must have pay us full amount 2000 PKR in advance. We make a listing of orders we receive and work on them according to the advanced payment of clients. Pay high amount in advance and get your job done first.
  • If you don’t pay in advance, we will take your order but we will do it after completing our advanced paid orders.
  • A client can ask for refund on the same day he makes payment. After the next day payment will not be refunded because we start work on the site it causes to waste our time and effort.
  • We reserve right to place encrypted codes on your site template to prevent scams. On the approval of your site after you make payment to us we will remove the code.


  • The client should sign up for AdSense before giving us his domain and Gmail. We don’t sign up for AdSense from our PC; because it is Google’s policy that one pc should be used for one AdSense account. If we applied with our PC the site will not be approved. After applying it will give an error of duplicate account and the domain will be useless. There isn’t any solution for this error yet.
  • The client accepts these terms and conditions when he/she places order.
  • After placing order the client should send his details personal details including name, full address, a picture and email address to our facebook inbox or can mail us at inam53521@gmail.com.
  • The client should prefer facebook for quick response for his his questions and queries. We are not available on wattsapp for our clients. Email respond could be a little delayed.

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