10 Life changing tips to forget the past and move on with your life

Are you struggling to forget the past and move on with your life? If you do you are at the right place and if you are not then you should also read it, because in the journey of life you will need it and you can refer to it.

Everyone goes through bad experiences in his life. It is a part of life and it is normal to feel bad in that moment. But what if yours past does not let you live your life.

In fact, we are humans, we love people, we want to achieve some goals and we need things. These are the parts of our nature and we move violently to get them.

But when these things which we love fly out of our reach and we oblige to surrender in front of wild circumstances, we go through pain. Sometimes we feel the pain so much that it breaks down our nerves system.

We remember what we lost, and we want to go back in the past and change everything bad that happened. But, it is not possible. What possible is to forget the past and move on with your life forward.

Moving on with your life is not as easy when you have a really bad experience in the past. Distracting past memories run after you where you go.

How to forget the past and move on with your life?

I developed a set of 10 best strategies, these tips will help you to forget about your past and move on with your life easily.

1. Clear your thoughts about the past

Well, bad occurrences create fears. These fears prevent us to face the reality. Due to these fears our mind exaggerates what happened in that situation.

We cannot come out of that terrible situation without going back to it.

The only advice to clear your mind about the past is that you have to face it. Daringly repeat everything, let yourself suffer the pain and let it be clear with your past.

Think clearly and compromise with your past. After you do that, it cannot hurt you anymore.

2. Logically figure out the reasons why that happened

Forgetting the past and moving on with your life will be easy for you when you start thinking logically. But, how to think logically when you even can’t forget your past? A good question, let’s answer it.

In most cases we put what happened in the past on someone else and it could be somehow true.

But blaming others will only increase your anxiety nothing else. We won’t be able to do good by thinking that someone destroyed us.

Our purpose should not be to stick with what happened, how happened? We should effort to not repeat that again.

Honestly search for the reason behind the situation. Why all these happened and how to do in future to prevent this from being happened again. Find out the reason learn from it and move forward.

3. Eliminate the triggers

Do you get panic when something related to your past you see? Do you keep all those things with you which are related to your bad experiences?

Everything that helps you to remember your past is a trigger.

Why not to eliminate these triggers and begin your life with a fresh start. There are reasons to eliminate them.

These things lead you to get obsessed with your past. You won’t get anything useful by repeating how was your past?

It is time to destroy everything that triggers your past and free yourself from pain.

4. Change your thinking pattern

According to CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), our actions are the results of our behavior and our behavior is shaped by our thoughts.

When a certain action is repeatedly practiced, our nerves system makes that action easy to repeat in future by creating neurons patterns in our brain.

The point is when you have repeatedly triggered your past memories and felt the pain; it has become a part of your nerves system.

Now it is easy for you to recall what you lost in the past and feel the pain again and again. And thus you won’t be able to forget the past and move on with your life.

The trick is to change your thinking pattern. Identify how you recall the past. What are steps which help you to remember bad moments?

Once you identified how you go through the pain, change steps that works together to turn out your behavior. That’s how you will forget about your past.

5. Reduce your pain by forgiving others

Forgiving others is putting down the weight from our shoulders and unburdening ourselves.

Pain and pleasure are the parts of life. We should not blame others for pain we suffer, not even if they are responsible for it.

Forgiving others and asking for forgiveness of your own mistakes is the key to make your life easy. Do this today with people you blame for your past.

Forgive them for what they did. But remember do not allow them to again hurt you. If you think they will do again, separate yourself from such people. You don’t need them, you are self sufficient and you can manage your life.

6. Separate yourself for some time

We all need some time to sit just with ourselves. Purposeful loneliness is a great thing, because it introduces us with our inner self.

When you are stressed to forget the past and move on with your life, then you need more meaningful loneliness.

It doesn’t mean that you sit alone for hours and be socially cut off. Or isolate yourself from the world.

It means that take some time to separate yourself from this stressful world. Go for a walk, drive to somewhere. Anything you do, remember one thing, your loneliness should be purposeful and peaceful.

Don’t blame or judge someone, just sit and let everything go. Just watch what is happening.

Think about your life, your goals and people around you. Feel the peace and just be happy with your life.

Plan for your future; make strategies to achieve your goals. Soon you will forget about your past and move on.

7. Search for people who gone through this situation

Feeling the pain alone is difficult. Why not to share your feelings with people who had already gone through this situation.

We can find people who passed through same condition like us, in our surrounding. From our family, friends and relatives, there are people you have once struggled to forget their past and they did it well.

Look for such people and get some inspiration from them. How they managed to forget their past? Copy their best strategies and so you will easily forget about your past.

8. Find motivation in your past

Humm! Some people are really genius. They make their weak points their strengths.

I have read and seen many people who had suffered a lot with poverty in their past and now they are top business persons. They got motivated when they felt how poverty ruined their life. They worked hard whenever they felt pain.

Repeat the same with yourself. Find some motivation in your past experience and make a commitment and work for it.

You will find peace when you find your motivation. And you have never imagined such motivations are how much powerful. It can carry you to the top. And what’s more, you will find a reason to forget the past and move on with your life

9. Divert your thinking to future

This is my favorite and the most powerful technique. To help you forget your past and look to the future, let me mention a quotation by our site co author Princesa.

“Forget your past and concentrate on your future because future is the place where you are going to stay” (Princesa Jasmin).

Also read a poem about life by Princesa: The universe in me

This is so much true. We have a solid reason to focus on future and leave the past behind. We won’t get anything from the past and can get many things in future.

So why not to concentrate on what is important and depart what is unimportant.

Try to forget your past and look to the future. Start it from now, make a strong commitment and go on with it. You have found a wonderful method to forget about your past.

10. Look for a reason to be happy and grateful

To really forget the past and move on with your life, you have to focus on those things which you love the most.

We all have something in our life which we like to mention with our names. Some people love their profession, some their family etc. What you like in your life?

No matter how difficult our life goes, there is something to be grateful for. The problem is that when we are stressed we look at the negative side and we take no notice of the best parts of our life.

Don’t close your eyes to those things which you have been blessed. Enjoy what is in your hand and do not stuck with your past.

These were the 10 tips on how to forget the past and move on with your life. All the steps are practical and easy to follow.

You will definitely feel better after applying them to your life. And if you are currently not having any issue about forgetting your past, you should not ignore it. Such situations occur with everyone and at that time these tips will be helpful for you.

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