10 Mind changing tips to think positive when depressed

When you are depressed, it is always difficult to think positive. Because depression produce disappointments and a disappointed person is obviously vulnerable to negative thoughts.

These positive thinking tips are not only for those who have a medical condition of depression as a long-sufferer but also for general persons who just feel depressed when something goes wrong.

In this post, we will show you how to divert your thinking to positive when you felt it is dragging you to negative.

Here are the 10 tips to think positive when you feel depressed

1. Do not lose hope

Being depressed is actually losing the hope like there is nothing good for you in life. That is just a thought with which you are obsessed. Besides, there are many beauties to color your life.

When you are in such state of depression, the foremost way to think positive is being hopeful. Staying optimistic will help you to stay less worried and obviously, opportunities come to those who are hopeful and encouraged.

2. Go for a meaningful loneliness

Loneliness is great when you learnt to make it meaningful. People who feel depressed need a meaningful loneliness to keep their thoughts on track.

When depressive thoughts come around you then sit alone and think positive by analyzing what is happening in your life. Do not judge the circumstances just sit and watch and you will feel the calmness inside you.

3. Remember your dreams

Depression drags our focus to negativity and we forget our dreams. The dreams that were shaped in our mind when we were children.

Remembering childhood dreams is a good way to think positive when you are depressed. Consider your dreams you will feel positive and make a new start.

4. Motivate yourself to fight

Self-motivation is a powerful weapon to fight negativity. It is like making your weaknesses your strengths.

Think yourself as a warrior who never gives up. Fight depression like a soldier tears down enemies in the battleground.

5. Sit back and let all go

A depressed person always complains about things in his life. This is because he got the habit of negatively judging everything.

The key to think positive is just looking at thing without making judgment. Do not see something happening is good or bad. Just look at what is happening and how it can be improved.

6. Seek social support

People around you have an influence on your life even when you are struggling with depression. Positive social circle induce you to think positive no matter how much negativity has taken place in your mind.

Spend time with people who are nice, positive and encouraging. Their company will drag you from depression to positivity.

7. Find your inner satisfaction

When you are not satisfied with your life internally, you will feel depressed. You can produce satisfaction in your life but taking steps forward today.

Think about at least one thing that you proud of about yourself. Name one thing in your life, which makes you feel positive and then stick with that.

8. Take a new topic and start reasoning

If you feel depressed or negativity you can use this method to immediately shift your thinking. This step includes figuring out the reasons for a certain topic.

All you have to do is just take a pen and paper, write down a topic like ‘why should I be happy?’ and start writing as many reasons as you can. Write down what comes in to your mind and do not be obsessed that it is wrong or right. You can shift your thinking to positive in a minute.

9. Browse internet for positive articles and quotations

It is also an instant way to put up positivity when you are depressed. Positivity comes from positive things and there are thousands of articles, news, stories and quotations on internet, which will help you, sow the seeds of positivity in your mind.

You can also write your own quotations and you can share your positive stories on facebook groups where you will be listened by like minded people.

10. Read a good book or watch an informative movie

Reading is a positive habit. Reading a good book not only will improve your knowledge but also will fill up your mind with positive thoughts.

Watching a good movie also helps to wipe down depressive thoughts. However, before sitting to watch make sure the movies is pleasant and positive if not it will double your negativity.

Depression turns out negative thoughts but these tips can help you to think positive when you are in depressed mood.

Positivity brings positivity and negativity attracts more negativity. So, stay positive as much as you can because this is the way to live life and this is the undisclosed tip to fight depression.

Everyone consciously or unconsciously moves from negativity to positive and vice versa. What is your natural process for that?

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