8 Effective tips to respond to personal attacks

How would you respond to personal attacks in public or on social media? Lets start with an example.
Got a sudden personal attack in public?

Unexpectedly everyone looks at you. You feel embarrassed and like losing your temper. You become nerves and your body start trembling.

You do not understand what to do? You want to control the situation but you cannot.

This has happened with almost every one of us. If you do not want it to go on with you again, read this post to the end because we are going to share the most effective 8 ways on how to respond to personal attacks.

Personal attacks are common things for those who have direct relation with public, for example leaders, managers, politicians, social workers etc.

I thought to spend some time observing people around me who are best to respond to personal attacks. Therefore, I concluded with 8 most effective ways. These tips are based on how intelligent people respond when they are being attacked personally.

These are the most effective tips I have found for how to respond to personal attacks.

1. Smile to stay calm

Science says that our psychology influences our physiology and our physiology can have an effect on our psychology.

In straightforward language when we change the physical status of our body then our mind can also be affected.

If we smile when we are in trouble then our mental stress reduces and we feel relaxed.
It is true with responding to personal attacks. Keep a little smile on your face and do not let anger and nervousness change your facial impression. In this way, you are more under control to handle a personal attack more efficiently.

2. Focus on your area of influence

As humans we are limited, we can control some things and we cannot control some.

We cannot control what people think about us. We cannot control what they talk about us. If we cannot control something why to worry about it?

The secret to manage your life is to focus on what you can control and let go what you cannot.

Do not focus on what people think about you what they talk about you and do not take personal attacks seriously instead just respond to them on moment in time because these things are out of your area of influence.

3. Defend yourself with a question

When someone personally attacks you, his intent could be usually to prove you wrong or insult you. In that case asking a logical question to shift the attacker focus is always helpful.

What will you ask?

Ask a question that shakes the attacker confidence. Ask something that makes him look into his own self. Ask a question which confuse him and confuse the audience.

This will shift the focus on the attacker and you will be able to find your way out of the situation.

4. Do not lose your self-image

Do not lose your self-image no matter how much you are weak to respond to personal attacks.

When someone attacks you personally, blame you or whatever he does it does not affect your character. It does not drag down your social reputation.

It is just an occasional pain you will suffer at the time you have been attacked personally. It has no far impact on your life. So forget it and move on.

5. Do not respond with a counter attack

Some people try to respond to personal attacks in a wrong way. They try to counter what is thrown to them. They directly target the attacker and scratch his personal life.

This is not the proper method to handle personal attacks because it will not help you to maintain your proper social status. It will create your bad image in the mind of audience.

6. Ask to not get personal

Just politely asking the attacker that he do not should get so much personal is an ethical way to respond to personal attacks.

This effortless method is effective when the attacker is civilized and educated person.

Asking him to talk to you in private if he has any concerns will make him understand the situation. Thus, you will be able to control the situation.

7. Show your wisdom

How much wisdom and knowledge you have, show them in such situations.

Mention stories and quotations of great people. How they dealt it when someone attacked on their personal life.

Celebrities and high profile businessperson’s mostly use this method. They immediately win the audience by utilizing their wisdom and knowledge.

8. Maintain your privacy

We all have something in our life, which we do not want to expose in front of people. We all have a private life and we do not like it people interfere in our personal life.

We should protect our personal life from interference because our weaknesses and strengths lie in our private life.

Keep your personal life away from public so no one could be able to attack you personally with solid reasons.

The best way to deal with personal attacks is to keep your personal life hidden from public. People are not concerned about the up and downs of your life because this is none of their business. Do not let people know too much about you.

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