The 7 rules of life

Throughout my life I urged to understand the rules to live rightly. Since my school age I started to write every question that comes to my mind in a dairy. Long after when I start going to university for my higher studies I came to observe my life closely and so the 7 rules of life exposed to me.

Once I set down with pen and paper putting together what I was writing in my diary from years and designed these 7 rules for my life. My life changed since I implemented them. I started living thousand percent happier than I was before.

I thought to share these powerful 7 rules of life with our readers believing that every individual should need them to live in high spirits.

What are the 7 rules of life?

I have experienced the effectiveness of these 7 rules in my life. I m super excited for you that how your life will turn out to be after you put them into practice.

Rule#1: Forget your past and concentrate on your future

The first rule I learnt in my life is all about focusing on future by making it peaceful and grateful. I accepted it that it’s in my hands how I spend my life in the coming days.

Complication is the harsh reality of life. We should search for happiness and strengths from this unsympathetic truth.

It reallocates our view to forget the past. Because, the past is so much unkind it distresses our relationships, deteriorate our family matters, push away our friends and worsen our dealing with coworkers. It affects our productivity in professional life and making career decisions. It doesn’t stop there further it destroy our physical health.

Rule#2: Delay gratification is better than short time pleasure

The second rule praises that life teaches us many things to endure and go on. When any mishap crop up with us, we freak the way to make peace with our trouble and heal our heart, we know that had a huge impact on us and we have been healthier because of that feeling.

It is too frustrating to deal with problems and illnesses until we feel in good health psychologically and physiologically.

If we heal our wounds we will be well again. Exactly what time does it for us.

Rule#3: Don’t mind what other people think about you

People have their own different journeys to spend their life in this extremely short liveliness. You have your own way of life and your own lessons of books, so it’s enough for you that who you are and what you think of your inspiration.

You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. You don’t need to wish to become like others because you are you and you’re the best one in the world.

Sometimes we wish to become like other people. We wish their luxurious life despite of our own wealth given by God. But when we come to know about their problems in life we turn into lucky upon our own life.

Everyone has his own way of life and it’s up to your own wisdom that how you apply this rule to develop your life as a bed of roses.

Rule#4: Think less, so you will worry less

Too often we keep on thinking about the fact that we usually have a lot of unanswered questions. We have to go around finding the answers for the rest of our life.

It is important to understand that you might have access to all your questions at the same time and you don’t have any answer. But these questions will get revealed all by themselves. You don’t have certain questions today you will never have your answers for them.

It’s also true that too much thinking is not the solution of your problems, although, it has a badly effect on your present rather than future.

Now you know the 7 rules of life, it’s time to start thinking positive in every situation, it may not always solve your problems but it can make your present pleasant.

Rule#5: No one is responsible for your happiness except you and your dear one

There is a quotation “happiness is an inside job”. I think that it is not only a quotation it is a complete rule of life. It teaches us that we don’t assign someone else that much power over our life.

Everybody in this miserable world desires to achieve or get some moment or somebody to make her happy. Everyone wants to seek a happy and consequential life.

I would sum it up as It’s up to your insight that how to make yourself happy. Being responsible we should not expect others for our happiness.

Everything outside ourselves can help us get better in life and some of them are the means to our happiness. But in actual our happiness depends much more on our attitude.

Another fact is that when we put our keys of happiness in someone else pocket, we will become dependent on them and when they leave us we will end up being empty from inside.

Rule#6: Keep smiling always, your problems are not permanent

Smile is the best weapon to live your life. It can trick your brain in to being happy. Smile is the tool through which you can reluctantly reduce your stress.

We never realize that how much magic and power in your smile which when you share with others can cause them to smile also.

Smile is just one tool that people can use to transfer their lives and the whole world. Smile is the subject of the large number of happiness.

Rule#7: Don’t fall in competition with others, instead live your life in your own way

It is common for all of us that we always compare ourselves and our life with others. While struggling for our goals it is easy to look at others and fall in a competition with them. Bear in mind that comparison is the thief of joy.

It is actually a negative mindset which I have also gone through.  At some time in my life I also was comparing myself with others. I thought that they were lucky and their luck took them where they were.

But later I came to understand that I was more lucky than any other person around me because God blessed me with many things one of them is my dear one who is  like a blooming flower in the garden of my life.

So, wrapping up with my final words that to really get the full benefits of these 7 rules, you have to put them in to action. I can guarantee you don’t need any other self help book to build your life, achieve your goals or improve yourself. These 7 rules are enough to pull off the excellence in your life.

I m so keyed up to hear from you when you started following the 7 rules of life I have developed. Put your words in the comment section below to express your thanks for me if you found it useful.

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