The fear of being exposed – How to overcome it?

The fear of being exposed is a common psychological issue found among people in every society.

It is a type of fear in which a person thinks that if his weaknesses and his negative points are exposed to people, it would bring a worst situation for him.

So, he hides his weaknesses and downsides of his personality and his life. And he always tries to maintain a good attitude to show off in his family, his relationships, and his workplace and in society.

The fear of exposure is not a phobia, but is near to develop it.

People with fear of exposure suffer a lot in their life. Such type of fear effects one’s personal life the most and also his interactions with others like relationships, it can influence his children to adopt negative thinking habits and it can also ruins his position in workplace and society.

The effect of exposure fear on a person’s own self

The solid effect of fear of exposure is on the sufferer’s own self. At first, a person will show himself as a perfect person among the people around him.

When people try to be perfect on every angle, they develop a sense of in-completion and sense of in-completion creates troubles. Because human cannot be perfect by all sides. Such people always worry about small things and become distracted easily.

It also prevents a person to improve himself. When he do not accept his weaknesses he don’t try to correct them, he just hide them to be exposed. In this way it becomes a big barrier in improving one’s self.

Relationships can be affected by the fear of being exposed

Well, the impact of exposure fear on relationships cannot be undermined. Such person when steps in the first stage of building a relationship, he will try to show off himself by his best.

In this case he will put his partner in darkness by showing off fake impressions, and thus his partner will make high expectations from him.

Later on when things will start exposing, expectations will break and the relationship will face difficulties to survive or even will end up only leaving disappointments.

Your social status won’t be safe

We always judge ourselves by how we want to be, and people judge us for what we really are. We always underestimate the understanding of people about us.

Because of this mentality we always try to impress people around us by trying to maintain our fake social status.

Some people are very curious about their social position they will always degrade others to prove themselves best social members.

Believe me such people have a fear; they really don’t think themselves as good members of the society.

People in the society know that who is the honest person and who is a fake person. So, fake impressions in society won’t work for a long time, and soon people will separate themselves from such persons.

It could manipulate your children mentality

As, Stephen R.Covey said that “fatherhood is the first stage of leadership”. Father leads his children and his whole family in the journey of life.

When father will have such issue the children will more likely to get bad habits of thinking.

According to Doctor Bruce H. Lipton “what a child learns in his initial seven years of life will stay with him in his entire life”. So, fear of exposure is destructive to your child mental life.

How to deal with fear of being exposed?

Defeating the fear of being exposed is not a big deal when a person accepts it and look for the ways to overcome from it.

The first and the most important strategy to deal with fear of being exposed is to accept yourself as what you are. No matter what kind of life you have been given, you can improve it to what you want it to be. For this purpose, first you have to accept it and love it. Believe me it works like a magic.

When you rationally judge yourself and accept your downsides, you will find ways to improve them.

To deal with fear of being exposed, you have to go for long term goals and work hard to achieve them, no matter what people around you, in your society think about you.

Don’t ignore and hide your mistakes and your downsides instead find ways to correct and improve them.

Don’t give the control of your life on others hands by judging yourself by their perspectives. Do not fear, this is your life, take control, work hard and be the best of what you want to be.

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