What is included in emotional intelligence?

Living a life of emotions and not understanding what is included in emotional intelligence is like trying to go towards the destination without knowing the path.

Emotional intelligence is included developing the skill to identify and effectively use emotions for a useful purpose.

Emotional intelligence is also called emotional quotient. Being emotional quotient is the need of everyday life. This need arises when these emotions influence a person in a destructive way.

Emotions when left free can mostly create troubles for a person. Un-managed emotions are the driving forces, which pull a person to disaster.

For example, a person gets angry and fails to control his anger; consequently, he gets broken relationships, loosing friends and even physical illnesses like blood pressure and heart problems etc. Like these, un-managed emotions lead a person to many evil actions.

What an emotional quotient person do?

An emotional quotient person will first understand his own emotions as well as others and then will use emotional intelligence to handle them in an efficient manner. For understanding your own emotions, it is necessary to dig deep and find out the science behind the formation of emotions.

The science behind the formation of emotions

Scientifically, the formation of emotions is not directly by their own, a proper system make them happen.

When we get information from the environment and from the situation through our five senses, our brain translates that information in the light of pre-made neurological patterns. Our brain identifies those information and release special hormones, which dissolves in our blood stream and generate our emotions.

What emotions do?

After the production, emotions do not stop here. It further makes our behaviors take place, which are exposed as our reactions.

Thus, our reaction to any situation is indirectly caused by our emotions. It means that if we learnt to use emotional intelligence, our actions and reactions would automatically become under control.

Nevertheless, we will not be easily able to change our emotions in real life situation where the trigger to our emotion would be unpredictable.

How to use emotional intelligence in real life condition?

In real life and uncertain situations, managing emotions to avoid undesirable consequences will always be difficult. In such condition, everything will be unpredictable.No one of us knows what is going to happen in the next moment.

Therefore, it requires proper knowledge and skill to deal with real life happenings.

How to be emotional quotient?

Emotional intelligence comes with a proper self-image. Without being strong in your own eyes, you won’t be able to change your emotions.

People who see themselves always in a good state and think that they have the ability to handle the situation create a good self-image in their mind. With repetition and continuous positive communication with their inner self, their mind gets the clearer picture. Accordingly, it sends positive signals to the nerves system and they become able to handle everything.

What to know before working on your emotions?

Before working on your emotions think about your self-image. Do you have a good image of yourself in your mind? Think good about yourself and give positive signals to your mind and your nerves system.

Don’t put yourself internally down. Make your self-communication energizing.
Forgive yourself, stand up with your inner strength, and be strong to live life with your full potential.

What to do when emotions are triggered?

After building your self-image, you took the first step towards emotional intelligence. In addition, you are now prepared to deal with the difficulties of life. Get ready, anytime your emotions will be triggered by any stimulus.

If such situation happens and your emotions get to their peak and you feel losing your temper. At this time just force yourself to stop and let everything happen. Don’t outburst immediately. Push yourself to let go everything.

If you become able to not react on your emotions immediately, know it you won the half battle of emotional intelligence.

Now it’s time to divert your mind to something that make you feel relaxed. Shift your thinking from the triggering stimulus to something positive.

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Mind shifting will make you relax and calm and if you become relaxed, you will be able to think more positively and rationally because now you are somehow emotionally intelligent.

Think about the long term results of the reaction and take the best decision to react to the situation, which will be beneficial for you as well as for others.

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