A planet is one of the bodies in the solar system which revolve in elliptic orbits round the sun. The planets do not have light of their own but shine …
The moon is one of the most important of the heavenly bodies. Her tide-raising force is of great importance to mankind. Her silvery light is always welcoming at night. Origin …
The sun is radiating energy and heat into space and thus loosing its mass day by day. Possibly the energy supply (on which our earth is reliant) from the sun …
Origin of the earth Our earth was one of the bodies which separated away from the vapory filament (a slender thread-like body) drawn out from the sun by the gravitational …
A solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes directly between the earth and the sun and the moon’s shadow touches the earth. Solar eclipse occurs only in a new moon. …
The sun is the star- nearest to earth- and one of average size and characteristics. Its supreme importance to us is due to its comparative nearness, for the light from …

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