Ode to my love

You are a hope, a direction

The only flower gleaming on earth

Like a moon in the sky

A bloomed flower guiding the petals to bloom

Stand with a smile on the face

Despite all the tiredness by life

Sometimes even my stupid actions

Though you never lose your endurance

I never saw you annoyed

You are a bacon who light others

A strength that inspires others

When you say “all is well”

It looks like everything is really well

When you say everything will be fine

Everything actually turns in to fine

When I get frustrated with life

You see my face organized and say

Don’t worry I am always with you

Your appreciation is my inspiration

Your smile is my support

I wanna thank you for all you have done

All the guidance you provided

And all the good times we spent together

I pray may Allah give you long life

With everything you desire

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