Waiting for someone

Waiting for someone

I did not know who he was

But, I knew I really needed him

Years back, I was completely alone and needed support

But I did not know who could help

There was a big wait in my life

But I did not know for whom?

I really needed a shoulder to cry on

And needed a heart to share feelings and grieves

My heart was searching for such an angel who could inspire me

When I get upset he console me

Saying that when have faith in God, misfortune will pass

Who could make my life a distinctive one

Who could make my amelioration true

Who could guide me in the right way

Avoid me all the misleads and ignorance of this miserable world

At last I came to know that I needed the most for myself

Hence, he was like the person who holds the individuality

Who knows what I mean?

I mean the sample of angel on the earth

I was in wait for that angel who could be my love and my life

Who could be reason of smile on my lips and pleasure of my life

Being the most versatile and caring

I wanna make my life blissful with him

Who ever read this, pray to make us free from the hell

Give me the heaven with my angel

I m the princess of the kingdom of my heart. A freelance writer, poetess, co-author and strategic partner of Inspired-in. You will surely find value in my writings. Your feedback is my precious reward. So, don't hesitate to drop a comment.


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